What is MLVIP?

The MRCB Land VIP Loyalty Programme rewards customers who have purchased properties from MRCB Land. The loyalty card comes in five different tiers based on the total accumulated sum of your property purchase(s) price.

Who is eligible for the MLVIP Programme?

  • Individuals, joint-purchasers and companies who have directly purchased MRCB Land Property(ies).
  • For joint-purchasers, the membership will be awarded to up to four (4) purchasers listed in the SPA.
  • Where a company purchases MRCB Land Property(ies) (“Company”), the membership of MLVIP will be issued directly to the Company and the Company will have their own MLVIP account.
  • What are the MLVIP tiers and rewards?

    The MLVIP Loyalty Card tiers are as follows:

    Existing Property Purchase Price Privilege Rebates for Property Purchase Introducer Reward Retail Rewards (TBA) Priority Invitation to Previews and Launches
    Bronze Below 499,999 0.5% 1%
    Silver RM500,000 - RM999,999 1% 1%
    Gold RM1,000,000 - RM3,999,999 2% 1%
    Platinum RM4,000,000 - RM7,999,999 3% 1%
    Black RM8,000,000 and above 5% 1%

    How will I receive my card?

    Your digital card will be sent to you via email when you have successfully registered via the MLVIP website. If you have not received your card, please update your information accordingly.

    Is my membership upgradable?

    Yes, your next property purchase amount will be added to your total. Once your amount exceeds your current tier, you will be upgraded to the next tier and the digital card will be issued accordingly.

    Is my membership transferable?

    The MLVIP membership is only valid for the individual(s)/company(ies) listed in the SPA, the privileges are non-transferable.

    Will sub-sale purchasers be eligible for the membership?

    No. The MLVIP membership is only awarded to purchasers which have bought MRCB Land Property(ies) directly from MRCB Land.

    How do I use my membership when I make my next property purchase?

    Just flash your MLVIP digital card to the sales personnel for verification to enjoy your privileged rebate.

    What is the validity of the MLVIP membership?

    There is no expiry to the membership.

    Any more questions?

    Our VIP team will be in touch with you. Should you have any questions, call 03- 2786 8080 or email us at mrcbland@mrcb.com